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Nothing beats being at the TOP !

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Nothing beats being at the top! In whatever you do, it pays to stand out from the pack. When you place an Ad to sell your home, the same rule applies.

We are now offering our new "TOP SPOT" Program, which allows you to be the first listing on the top of the state (or country) page where your home is located.

Your home will be the ONLY featured Ad in the state that it is in !!

You already know HomeRun Homes and the clout we have in the Rent to Own Market, with our top search engine rankings and our local market penetration in the USA, Canada, and in other countries. This is exactly where you want to be if you're selling a home.

Some features of our "TOP SPOT" program are:

  1. Your Ad will be featured under the "Homes Wanted" banner and text (under the Map).
  2. Your Ad will be in it's own table box
  3. You will have massive "first glance" exposure to buyers!
  4. You will literally DOMINATE your market. Your home will be seen before the other homes !!
  5. Add to this: with your "TOP SPOT" Ad, you will also get a standard Ad listed below the Top Spot Ad - if by some reason they don't see you the first time, you have two chances at finding a home !

This is such an exclusive offer that we can only allow one "TOP SPOT" Ad per State/Country. We are offering this since we have already been asked by sellers about promoting their homes to the top of the page, so...if you want to grab the "TOP SPOT" for your State/Country, you need to act fast.

Are You Ready to Fill Your Home Fast...?

Please select an option below, and your Ad will immediatelydominate the State/Country it is located in !!

Thank You for expressing interest in our TOP SPOT AD. Before we begin processing your ad, we need to first check for availability for your chosen state.


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NOTE: Rent to Own Homes are also referred to as lease purchase, lease to purchase, lease to buy, rent to buy, lease option, rent with an option to buy, lease to own, lease with option to purchase, and rent with option to purchase. HomeRun Homes is the premier website for Rent to Own Homes.

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